Keystone Corporation

Keystone Corporation, a commercial real estate development company, has been and continues to be a very important link in the ongoing success of Larson Companies. Keystone Corporation, of which Richard D. Larson is Founder, was started in 1977 by a group of Eau Claire, Wisconsin businessmen who were formulating a vision of the southeastern edge of the Eau Claire community. They felt the natural allure of the woodlands and recognized the emerging growth patterns of the city. Here, they thought, people can reside and conduct their business affairs in an exceptional environment.

Today, Keystone Corporation, the instrument of these progressive developers, has transformed the vision into Oakwood Hills, a dynamic mixed-use community, flowing over 800 acres on he southeast corner of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the major city in the Chippewa Valley. Oakwood Hills offers exceptional site opportunities for retail, office, research and development, restaurants, financial institutions, highway commercial businesses, motels, residential complexes, warehouse and distribution centers. By design, Oakwood Hills has gathered together the most attractive contemporary features of a growing community. The region’s largest shopping center, Oakwood Mall, was opened by General Growth Companies in 1986. Today, the modern mall features Scheels, J.C. Penny, and more than 100 other intriguing shops, a twelve screen theatre and a food court where regular entertainment is scheduled. The story of Oakwood Hills has just begun. It is a vision of Keystone Corporation that is in progress and the future promises a maturing of the dream of its founders.

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