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Richard Larson, Principal

<p> regular content: Richard D. Larson is founder and Chairman of Larson Companies. He is a graduate of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota and has been a business leader in the Eau Claire Wisconsin area since the early 1960’s. He founded Northwest Fabrics, Inc. in 1963 and by 1978 had expanded the company to include 70 stores.

Mr. Larson is Chairman and Co-owner of Keystone Corporation, and 900-plus acre commercial and residential development in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He also owns individually in partnership with family members, and through corporate interests, shopping centers, apartment complexes, raw land development companies, office buildings and warehouse facilities in the Midwest.

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He actively served on the Board of Directors for many community oriented organizations, such as Luther Hospital, Boy Scouts of America, Eau Claire, Area Industrial Development Corporation, Eau Claire Regional Arts Council, University of Wisconsin Foundation and YMCA.

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  • 1963 <-- This is a label. Founder Richard Larson opens Northwest Fabrics in Eau Claire, WI. The Company expands to 35 stores. Northwest Fabrics then merges with Peavey Company of Minneapolis. While Richard is corporate vice-president of Peavey Co through 1978, Northwest Fabrics grows to a 120 store system.
  • 1975 - Larson Properties is formed.
  • 1978 - Eau Claire’s 900 acre Bullis Farm is purchased. Later, a partnership with Ayres Associates is formed to create Keystone Corporation, which continues today as the developer of the area that includes the Oakwood Mall and Oakwood Hills in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
  • 1979 - R.D. Larson Companies is formed.
  • 1991 - Larson Property Management is formed.

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1. Download application and send your completed application and resume to Larson Companies.
2. Apply in person at any of our properties. Download application.
3. Apply online by following the linked logos below and a manager will follow up.

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<blockquote> Larson Companies is a multi-disciplined, performance driven organization operating throughout the Upper Midwest. Divisions within the company include commercial real estate development, hospitality, management and development and various other management companies.


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